Our Lab

  • 5G/IMT-2020 researching

    Mathematic models and approaches
    Researching international materials
    Improving 5G technologies to model Lab network

  • Cooperation with organizations

    International Telecommunication Union sector T (11SG & 20SG)
    Zelax Company
    Operator Retn.Net

  • Developing

    ITU-T Draft recommendations
    Soft for SDN/NFV networking
    Network and System Models
    IoT Traffic Generator
    Traffic analyzer and monitoring

  • Partnership

    Tampere University of technology
    RUDN University (Peoples Friendship University of Russia)

  • Internet of things

    Research works on IoT traffic management in SDN/NFV networks
    Developing and testing of applications

  • Testing

    Developing test specifications and programs
    Testing IoT Solutions
    Testing SDN and NFV Solutions

What we do:


Ammar Muthanna

Associate Professor, PhD, Head of laboratory
+7 952 210 44 86 ammarexpress@gmail.com

Abdelhamied Ateya

PhD student at St.petersburg state university of telecommunications
+7 952 210 44 86 a_ashraf@zu.edu.eg

Artem Volkov

Deputy Head of Laboratory, Engineer-researcher (Traffic Management, Internet of Things)
+7 981 833 50 77 artem.n@5glab.ru

Evgenia Bogdanova

Engineer- Researcher
(T-SDN, DWDM, Slicing in IMT-2020)
+7 999 022 61 06

Samuel Muhizi

Engineer-developer, Researcher (SDN, Orchestration, Slicing in IMT-2020)
+7 967 357 29 91

Mohammed Al Balushi

Engineer-developer, Researcher (SDN, Orchestration, Slicing in IMT-2020)

Mikhail Efimov

+7 962 695 02 40

Khakimov Abdukodir

Engineer-developer, Researcher (Traffic Management, Optimization)
+7 911 822 70 28